È uscito il video di Thin Thing, nuovo singolo tratto dal disco A Light For Attracting Attention.




Down the rabbit hole we go
As the flames grow higher for unbelievers
Making mushrooms out of men
‘Til she turns us back again
To a face of solid gold
Solid gold
Sycophantic fawners in double quick-time

The beginning at the end
‘Til she turns us back again

First she’ll pull your fingers off
And then she’ll pull your toes
And then she’ll take the photos from your phone
(but you won’t notice)

Our echo doesn’t hear us anymore
Hanging on a cloth edge by his finger
Making mushrooms out of men
That’s okay I guess if you like this kind of
Kind of thing
This kind of thin, thing, thin, thing, thing
This kind of mushroom
This kind of ripple