Ieri sera, al Dingwalls di Camden Town (Londra), sì è tenuto un concerto per presentare il nuovo album del progetto 7 Worlds Collide. Presenti sul palco a suonare anche Phil Selway e Ed O’Brien.

video Something / Don’t Dream It’s Over:

Phil Selway – The Witching Hour:

01. Distant Sun
02. Too Blue
03. Little By Little
04. The Ties That Bind Us
05. Learn To Crawl
06. Girl Make Your Own Mind Up
07. All Comedians Suffer
08. Witching Hour
09. Over And Done
10. You Never Know
11. Tibetan Blues
12. Private Universe
Encore #1:
13. I got You
14. Something (cover Beatles)
15. Don’t Dream It’s Over
16. Weather With You