Questo è l’elenco delle canzoni rinominate dalla band.

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Alligators In New York Sewers » Fog
An Airbag Saved My Life » Airbag
Egyptian Song or Nothing To Fear » Pyramid Song
Everyone » The National Anthem
Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses » Reckoner
How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found » How To Disappear
Mortigi Tempo » True love Waits
No Surprises Please » No Surprises
Big Ideas [don’t get any] » Nude
OK Computer » Palo Alto
Open Pick » Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Planet Xerox » Planet Telex
The Morning Bell Amnesiac » Morning Bell/Amnesiac
Tongue-Tied » Cuttooth
Uptight » Subterranean Homesick Alien
When I’m Like This » How Can You Be Sure?

Secondi nomi delle canzoni – Nome (secondo nome) (Hail To The Thief)

2+2=5 (the lukewarm)
Sit down, stand up (snakes & ladders)
Sail to the moon (brush the cobwebs out of the sky)
Backdrifts (honeymoon is over)
Go to sleep (little man being erased)
Where i end and you begin (the sky is falling in)
We suck young blood (your time is up)
The gloaming (softly open our mouths in the cold)
There there (the boney king of nowhere)
I will (no man’s land)
A punch up at a wedding (no no no no no no no no)
Scatterbrain (judge, jury and executioner)
Myxomatosis (as dead as leaves)
A wolf at the door (it girl. rag doll)

Veri nomi canzoni On A Friday (nome reale » nome con cui sono conosciute)

Keep Strong » Keep Strong
Somebody » Somebody Else
Burning Bush » I Want To Know
Climbing Up a Bloody Great Hill » I’m Coming Up
Mr. B » Jerusalem
Dance Sucka » Something To Hate
Upside Down » I Can’t
Shindig » Without You
Life with the Big F » Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth
Rattlesnake » Rattlesnake In The Big City
New Generation » The New Generation