My eyes are open wide
And then I see you
Without your robes on
without your crown

And I don’t want to hate you
I don’t want to bear
The kind of fascination
That gets in my way

The door that opens wide
My high up altar
Oh Heaven, help me
Is that the time?
Beginning, without end
Never lost, never die
Unending, a beam of light
A tunnel in my mind

As it opens wide
With a filter on the lens
she sees everything I do
She sees everything I do

And without my shirt on
Ov?r broken glass
I am dancing for pennies
I am staring straight ah?ad

A door that opens wide
It’s gonna break
It’s like it holds me in its gaze
If I go it’s because
It’s happened once before
And now it’s starting all again

As it opens wide
With a filter on the lens
Forget everything you knew
As it opens wide

like a newborn child
Like a child


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