Stop Whispering


And the wise man say
I don’t want to hear your voice
And the thin man say
I don’t want to hear your voice

But they’re cursing me,
And they won’t let me be
And there’s nothing to say,
and there’s nothing to do

Stop whispering,
Start shouting

And my mother say
we don’t love you son no more
And the buildings say
We spit on your face some more

And the feeling is,
That there’s something wrong
Because I can’t find the words
And I can’t find the songs

Stop whispering,
Start shouting

Dear Sir, I have a complaint
Can’t remember what it is
Doesn’t matter anyway

Il tuo nome (richiesto)

La tua email (richiesto)

Nome canzone





Pablo Honey

Debutto live

xx/xx/1992 – Oxford, Regno Unito