[one_half]GO TO SLEEP

Something for the rag and bone man
“Over my dead body”
Something big is gonna happen
“Over my dead body”

Someone’s son or someone’s daughter
“Over my dead body”
This is how I end up getting sucked in
“Over my dead body”

I’m gonna go to sleep
Let this wash all over me

We don’t wanna wake monster taking over
“Tiptoe round tie him down”
We don’t want the loonies taking over
“Tiptoe round tie them down”

May pretty horses
Come to you
As you sleep
I’m gonna go to sleep
Let this wash
All over me.[/one_half] [one_half_last]GO TO SLEEP


[toggle title=”PUBBLICATA SU”] Hail To The Thief [/toggle]

[toggle title=”DEBUTTO LIVE”] 23/07/2002 – Lisbona [/toggle]

[title]ASCOLTA IL BRANO[/title]

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